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PharmaSights is transforming biopharma market intelligence with cutting-edge tools and curated insights for biopharma strategists, BD&L teams, and investors.

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Bio International 2024 in San Diego


Data Headaches and Clunky Analyses

PharmaSights all started with one simple question: "What if there was a better way?". Our founder, Alex Bonebakker, started asking this question after becoming increasingly frustrated with how hard it was to serve his life sciences clients. He was regularly hired as a consultant to help set their commercial strategy, only to face one obstacle after another.
An opaque data landscape made it almost impossible to understand which data providers offered what. Complicated TPAs and other procurement barriers meant extracting data was excruciatingly slow. And once obtained, data was fragmented and often riddled with mistakes, necessitating weeks of cleaning. What should have been weeks turned into months.

Then came the analysis. Powerful market landscapes were built and clinical pipelines were assessed. Strong, data-driven insights were generated and strategic recommendations were made. But that too came with problems: Insights were stagnant, stuck in clunky PowerPoint slides the client couldn't easily work with. Market landscapes weren't readily available as a purchasable product, and so had to be custom built. And with no central repository to house his insights, Alex's work eventually became outdated (or worse, lost in client inboxes).

There had to be a better way.

In 2023, Alex sought to solve these problems by founding PharmaSights, an always-available market intelligence platform that leverages highly curated, dynamic tools to empower biopharma strategists, BD&L teams, and investors with the insights they need. It's not a data warehouse, it's not a visualization tool, and it's not a consulting firm. It's all of those things combined, in one cutting-edge platform. 



At PharmaSights, our mission is to make sense of biopharma data and bring it to life with interactive, dynamic tools that can be easily integrated into your workflow. We aim to empower biopharma strategists, BD&L teams, and investors by providing them with the insights they need to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. By delivering highly-curated market insights, we save your team countless hours and resources.



Ready to save hours of time finding the insights you need?

Interested but want to learn more? Request a demo or free trial.

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